Right Patterned Stainless Steel Corner Guards To Increase Wall Protection

23rd Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

To complement your new patterned stainless steel wall coverings and crash rails, you can add corner guards. We all know that high-traffic areas are vulnerable to damage. These durable and attractive corner guards are made of stainless steel, and they feature an attractive pattern that provides added resistance to impact and abrasion. They are ideal for protecting kitchen and bathroom corners, as well as high-traffic areas in your building. At Protek Systems we have many different options when it comes to patterned stainless steel corner guards. Read on to learn about each option so you can find out what is best for your building.

Types of Corner Guards by Protek

1. Surface-Mount Patterned SS Corner Guards

These are patterned stainless steel corner guards that are designed to protect against impacts caused by moving equipment and pedestrian traffic. They add visual appeal and are ideal for use over drywall or other substrates. These guards are surface-mounted and installed using mechanical or adhesive fasteners. For example CG-51

2. Flush-Mount Patterned Corner Guards

Next, we have our Flush-Mount Patterned Corner Guards, which are made of solid stainless steel and feature a flush-mounted design. This design allows them to protect against impacts caused by moving equipment and pedestrian traffic. Their appearance also adds visual appeal, while preventing abrasion. These guards are ideal for use on various substrates such as drywall. For example CG-200

3. Surface-Mount Patterned SS End Wall Guard

Another option for end guards is a Surface-Mount Patterned SS End Wall Guard. This end wall guard is designed to protect walls from the impact caused by moving equipment and pedestrian traffic. It features a durable and attractive appearance, and it is constructed using mechanical or adhesive screws and sheets. The end wall guard can be installed directly over drywall or other substrates, and it is constructed to field-verified dimensions. For example CG-51-EW


Our stainless steel corner guards come in various standard patterns and are also available for custom options if you’d like. To learn more about which corner guard would be best for your next project, reach out to Protek Systems today. Our experienced team is more than happy to help you select the perfect new corner guards for your facility