WG-30 Rigid PVC Crash Rail

WG-30 rigid PVC crash rails protect walls from impact caused by moving carts, equipment, and pedestrian traffic. The WG-30 crash rail consists of continuous aluminum retainer and a bull-nose snap-on vinyl cover. End caps and outside corner accessory parts are also available for a complete installation. WG-30 crash rails are supplied in standard lengths and cut to fit in the field by installers, which means no prior field measuring is required. Choose from over 60 standard color options below or inquire about custom options that meet your specific project requirements.

  • Rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) snap-on cover
  • Continuous aluminum retainer
  • End caps and corners available
WG-30 | 4-inch profile

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SKU# : WG-30
Material : Rigid PVC snap-on cover with a continuous aluminum retainer (must be installed with spacers)
Profile : 4 1/8-inch x 1 7/8-inch
Standard Sizes : 144-inch lengths
Mounting Options : Mechanical fasteners (by others)
More Info : WG-30 is supplied in standard lengths and cut to fit in the field by installers. End caps and outside corners available for a complete installation.

ETC-30 End Cap

End caps are used at the terminations of each crash rail segment. ETC-30 end caps secure to the WG-30 aluminum mounting retainer.


OTC-30 Outside Corner

Outside corners are used if the crash rail is wrapping an outside corner. OTC-30 outside corners secure to the WG-30 aluminum mounting retainer.


WG-30 Standard Lengths

WG-30 crash rail is supplied in 144-inch standard lengths and cut to fit in the field by installers. The WG-30 consists of an aluminum mounting retainer and vinyl snap-on cover.

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(10) White
(541) White Sand
(361) Pearl*
(648) Monterey
(269) Ecru
(494) Lavender Heather*
(293) Sea Foam*
(382) Stormy Blue*
(376) Pale Jade*
(300) Grotto*
(520) Brittany Blue
(238) Bone
(483) Harvard Gray
(297) Chinchilla*
(289) Pearl Gray
(5) Gray
(1) Black
(301) Linen White
(370) Eggshell
(313) Champagne
(555) Porcelain
(193) Wheat*
(263) Pale Yellow*
(676) Dover White*
(268) Doeskin
(379) Mojave Sand
(682) Khaki Brown
(718) Silkworm*
(21) Cappuccino*
(113) Toffee*
(204) Shell*
(366) Soft Peach*
(381) Dawn*
(411) Pumice*
(3) Tan
(4) Brown
(373) English Rose
(380) Cordovan*
(22) Woodlands*
(554) Mission White
(2) Ivory
(569) Saffron*
(497) Chablis
(148) Desert Sand
(694) Cafe Au Lait*
(288) Mocha*
(359) Ginger Spice*
(486) Caisson*
(385) Beige Desert
(304) Victorian Rose*
(377) Teal
(371) Sage Green
(156) Hunter Green*
(29) Blue Ice*
(369) Blue Fog
(265) Windsor Blue
(490) Blue Bird
(583) Alexis Blue*
(176) Taupe
(210) Silver Gray
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