Why WPAM-12 Antimicrobial Wall Coverings are Ideal for Hygienic Environments

26th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

In today's world, it's more important than ever to take steps to limit the spread of harmful microbes. That's where WPAM-12 Antimicrobial Wall Covering comes in. Featuring an antimicrobial powder coat finish, WPAM-12 wall coverings inhibit the growth and transmission of harmful microbes, making them ideal for hospitals, laboratories, food processing facilities, and other hygienic environments. Here's a closer look at what makes WPAM-12 wall coverings the perfect choice for your next hygienic construction or renovation project.

How WPAM-12 Wall Coverings Work

WPAM-12 wall coverings feature an antimicrobial powder coat finish that contains silver ions. These silver ions work to inhibit the growth of harmful microbes on the surface of the wall covering, while also preventing the transmission of these microbes from one person to another. The WPAM-12 system consists of wall panels, inside corners, outside corners, and edge trim for a complete installation. Antimicrobial base options are also available. WPAM-12 wall panels are supplied in standard sizes and can be cut to fit in the field by installers, which means no prior field measuring is required.

The Benefits of Using WPAM-12 Wall Coverings in Hygienic Environments

There are many benefits to using WPAM-12 wall coverings in hygienic environments.

  • First and foremost, their antimicrobial properties help to inhibit the growth and spread of harmful microbes. This can help to create a safer environment for patients, staff, and visitors alike.
  • Additionally, WPAM-12 wall coverings are easy to clean and maintain, which helps to keep your facility looking its best at all times.
  • Finally, their sleek design can help to create a more modern look for your space.


If you're looking for an antimicrobial wall covering solution for your next construction or renovation project in a hygienic environment, look no further than WPAM-12 wall coverings. Their silver ion powder coat finish is specially formulated to inhibit the growth and spread of harmful microbes, making them the perfect choice for hospitals, laboratories, food processing facilities, kitchens, and other hygiene-sensitive areas. Contact Protek Systems today to learn more about how we can help you create a safer space with our WPAM-12 solutions.