Why Should You Install Aluminum Diamond Plate Wall Coverings to Protect Your Walls

21st Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

When it comes to protecting your walls from heavy equipment and heavy use, aluminum wall coverings are an excellent option to consider. Protek Systems offers the WPAD-12 Aluminum Diamond Plate Wall Covering, which is specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of heavy loads and heavy equipment. This system can be used in a variety of settings, including shipping facilities, loading docks, and back-of-house corridors.

Main Features Aluminum Diamond Plate Wall Covering

  1. One feature that is very beneficial is that they are made of high-quality aluminum panels that can be cut to fit the field and are available in standard sizes. This means that, unlike other types of wall coverings, the panels of the WPAD-12 do not require a field measurement. This makes it easy to customize the panels for your project and to get them installed quickly.
  2. The reinforced construction of the WPAD-12 Aluminum Diamond Plate Wall Covering makes it ideal for areas where there are heavy loads being transported, such as freight corridors and receiving docks. The aluminum diamond plate construction is also designed to withstand harsh chemicals that are commonly used in environments that are susceptible to corrosion and moisture. This makes it perfect for use in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings.
  3. In addition to the standard sizes, Protek Systems can create customized diamond plate profiles that are ideal for different wall conditions. The wall cover can be attached using screws or adhesive, and it can also be used to protect walls from moving equipment and pedestrian traffic. Protek Systems also offers various other wall protection options, including corner guards, crash rails, and more.

Where to Buy Aluminum Plate Wall Covering System

If your business is in need of wall protection, the WPAD-12 Aluminum Plate Wall Covering System is an excellent option to consider. Contact Protek Systems today to learn more about the benefits of this system and to see our full range of products. Our team can help you find the perfect solution for your facility and guide you through the installation process. So, whether you're looking to protect a high traffic area or something that's less trafficked, our team can help you find the ideal product.