Why Should Businesses Install Patterned Stainless Steel Wall Base

29th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

Protek Systems patterned stainless steel wall bases provide protection from moving equipment and carts while also creating a clean transition from the wall to the floor. These versatile products are available in various sizes and styles to accommodate any project's requirements. Wall bases and Protek wall coverings can be used together to create a complete wall system, which can be achieved with either a traditional or modern design.

Types of Patterned Stainless Steel Wall Base

1. Patterned Stainless Steel Cove Base

The Protek patterned stainless steel base provides a smooth transition from the wall to the floor and it adds visual appeal. It also adds protection against abrasion and provides a clean and attractive appearance. The base is made from strips of patterned stainless steel, which are then fitted with mechanical or adhesive fasteners. Corner wrapping is also available for the Protek patterned stainless steel base. This type of base such as our BBSP-64 can be installed in a continuous manner, and it comes in standard lengths. Unlike other types of bases, this product does not require a field measurement to fit.

Some features of the stainless steel cove base include:

  • Manufactured from type 304 #4 satin finish patterned stainless steel

  • Butt seams

  • Outside corners available for a continuous installation

  • Installed with adhesive or mechanical fasteners, pre-drilled holes available

  • Standard and custom heights available

  • Other stainless steel grades and finishes available

2. Patterned Stainless Steel Baseboard

The other popular option we offer is the patterned stainless steel baseboard. A patterned stainless steel baseboard provides protection from impact and helps create a smooth transition from one surface to another. Its appearance adds visual appeal and it also helps prevent abrasion. This product is made from a plywood backer that is mounted directly to the wall using mechanical or adhesive screws. Corner edges are available for attaching the wallboard to the outside corners, which allows it to be installed in a continuous manner which provides a great look. This product is ideal for any project that requires a standard length of wallboard. You can also choose from a variety of patterns and options such as our BPSP-4SS to meet your specific requirements. 


A patterned stainless steel wall base provides not only great protection but also a great look for your building. If you’re unsure of which product is best for your building or facility a member of our team is happy to assist you. We have the knowledge and experience to help create a great wall base that provides protection and a great look. Contact a member of our team today to get started.