Why Do Hospitals Need Hygienic Wall Protection?

20th May, 2022 by Dennis Chalas

One of the most important factors that businesses consider when it comes to maintaining a healthy and safe environment is the hygiene of their products. This is why many establishments rely on wall systems that are designed to prevent the growth of harmful microbes. These systems are ideal for various applications such as hospitals and laboratories. At Protek Systems we have a variety of wall systems that are perfect for businesses and offices that require cleanliness and a healthy and safe environment. We work with hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, and much more and are ready to help your business provide a safer and cleaner environment.

Importance of Hygienic Wall Protection for Hospitals

  • Wall coverings that are designed to keep the environment clean and hygienic can be made using various materials and colors. Other products such as corner guards and crash rails can also be obtained in the same hygienic finishes. You don’t have to have a boring look in your business to keep it clean and safe!
  • The WPAM-12 wall covering system features a powder coat finish that's designed to prevent harmful microbes from growing and spreading. It's ideal for various hygienic environments, such as hospitals, laboratories, and food processing facilities. The WPAM-12 antimicrobial wall covering system consists of wall panels, inside corners, outside corners, and edge trim for a complete installation. The panels are also available in various antimicrobial base options. These can be cut to fit the exact size and shape that's required for your project. See our standard options or ask about our custom options to learn what fit is best for your facility.
  • Aluminum wall guards are designed to prevent the growth of harmful microbes and protect walls from impact. They are available in a variety of colors and feature a powder coat finish that's ideal for hygienic environments. To create a customized solution, contact a Protek sales associate.
  • Corner guards are made from aluminum and feature an antimicrobial powder coat finish. They are ideal for protecting your corners from impact and preventing harmful microbes from growing. The powder coat finish can be applied to various interior designs and can be used in a wide range of colors. To create a customized solution, contact a Protek sales associate.


Keeping your facility clean is an important part of maintaining a well-run and clean facility. By working with our team at Protek you can be rest assured that your facility will have great hygienic wall protection throughout your facility. Whether it’s a hospital, laboratory, or any other facility, make sure you’re getting the best when it comes to wall protection. Contact our team today to learn more about the various items we offer and how it can help keep your facility clean and safe for all.