Types of High-Impact Wall Base By Protek Systems

20th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

Protek Systems offers a range of high-impact wall bases designed to withstand the rigors of heavy equipment and foot traffic. Our wall bases are made from durable materials such as stainless steel, diamond plate, and colored stainless, and can be customized to suit the aesthetic and functional needs of your project.

Types of High-Impact Wall Base

1. Stainless Steel Wall Base

Our stainless steel wall bases such as BBS-4SS Stainless Steel Baseboard provide a robust solution for protecting your walls from moving equipment and ensuring a smooth transition from wall to floor. These versatile products come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them ideal for any project. When combined with our wall coverings, they create a complete wall system that is both durable and attractive.

2. Aluminum Wall Base

Aluminum wall bases are another option that we offer. These bases are lightweight yet sturdy, providing protection from moving equipment and a clean transition from one surface to another. They’re perfect for projects that require a simple, minimalist look. Like our stainless steel wall bases, aluminum wall bases such as BBA-4SS Aluminum Baseboard can also be combined with our wall coverings for a complete wall system.

Other Wall Bases

For heavy-duty applications, our diamond-plated wall bases are a perfect choice. These bases are available both in stainless steel and aluminum materials for example BBAD-64 Aluminum Diamond Plate Cove base. These bases are designed to provide superior protection for high-traffic areas and feature a clean, seamless transition from wall to floor. They are available in various sizes and styles, making them suitable for any project. 

In addition to our standard wall bases, we also offer hygienic wall bases that are ideal for areas that need to be kept clean and sterile. These bases are designed to prevent the growth and transmission of harmful microbes and require minimal maintenance. We offer these bases in several size and color options to help give your building the look and protection it needs.

At Protek Systems, we understand the importance of finding the right wall base for your building. Our team of experts is here to help you navigate the different options available and select the perfect wall base for your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our high-impact wall bases and how we can help protect and enhance your space.