Special Features of WPAD-12 Aluminum Diamond Plate Wall Covering

29th Jun, 2022 by Dennis Chalas

The WPAD-12 wall cover is made of a thick aluminum diamond plate, which can withstand the abuse that forklifts, carts, and other heavy objects can throw at it. This type of wall protection is ideal for areas where heavy loads are being transported. Its reinforced construction makes it ideal for areas where receiving docks, freight corridors, and other areas are located.

WPAD-12 Aluminum Diamond Plate Wall Covering

The high-quality aluminum diamond plate of the WPAD-12 wall cover can also endure the harsh chemicals used in environments that are prone to moisture and corrosion. Its reinforced construction makes it ideal for areas where heavy loads are transported. Protek Systems also makes the WPAD-12 wall cover in both inside and outside corners with butted panels and overlapping panels.

Some other features of this high-grade wall cover include:

  • Manufactured from grade 3003 bright finish aluminum diamond plate

  • Wainscot or full-height installation

  • Butt seams

  • Inside corners, outside corners, and edge trim available for a complete installation

  • Installed with adhesive or mechanical fasteners, pre-drilled holes are available

  • Other aluminum grades and finishes available

Protek Systems can create custom diamond plate profiles for different wall conditions. The company's stock sizes and corners are available in various sizes, and they can be cut to fit in the field. The wall cover can also be attached to the wall using adhesive or pre-drilled with screws. Diamond plate wall coverings are commonly used to protect walls from pedestrian traffic and moving equipment. These are also commonly used in front-of-house settings. The WPAD-12 aluminum wall covering system features four wall panels and a high-impact top cap.

The standard sizes of the WPAD-12 wall panels are made to fit in the field without a prior measurement. This allows you to customize the panels to meet your project's requirements. See our full range of options or contact us for more information. 


Our team at Protek Systems has a variety of wall protection options available. If your business needs heavy-duty wall protection in an area where you have forklifts, carts, and other heavy loads the aluminum diamond plate wall covering could be the best option. To learn more about the WPAD-12 wall covering and all its benefits, contact our team at Protek Systems today.