Protect Your Investment by Protecting Your Walls and Doors

3rd Jul, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

No matter how well you take care of your home, accidents can happen. From paint spilling on the floor to a ball bouncing into the wall, there are myriad ways to prevent damage. By protecting your walls and doors, you can help minimize the amount of cleaning and repairs that need to be done. Here are some simple ways to protect your investment.

1. Door and Frame Protection

There are numerous ways to protect your doors and door frames.

i) Make Sure Your Doors Are Made of Solid Wood

The first step to protecting your doors is to make sure that they are made of solid wood. It's essential to invest in a high-quality solid wood or metal door at least 1-3/4 inches thick. That will ensure that they are able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. In addition, make sure the door frame is also made of sturdy material such as steel or iron.

ii) Use Doormats

Door and frame protection starts at the front door. Place a doormat both inside and outside of your home. It will help reduce the amount of dirt, mud, and snow that gets tracked into your home, which can damage your floors. In addition, it will also help protect your door from scratches and scuffs.

iii) Install Doorstops

Doorstops are a must-have for any home, especially if you have young children. You can help prevent doors from slamming shut and damaging walls by installing doorstops. Doorstops can also protect against chips and cracks if something is accidentally dropped or thrown against the door.

2. Wall Protection

You can enhance wall protection in various ways.

i) Place Furniture Carefully

It's always tempting to push furniture up against the wall but resist the urge. Doing so can damage both your furniture and your walls. Instead, place furniture a few inches away from the wall to create a buffer zone. That will prevent scuffs and scratches from occurring.

ii) Use Furniture Pads

Furniture pads are often overlooked but essential for protecting your walls and doors. By placing furniture pads on the feet of chairs and tables, you can help prevent scratches on your floors and damage to your door frames. In addition, furniture pads can also help reduce noise levels in your home.

iii) Use Chair Rail

Another way to protect your walls is by using a chair rail such as CRSC-64 Colored Stainless Steel Chair Rail. It's a type of molding installed horizontally on the wall. It is typically installed at waist level but can be installed at any height. Chair rail protects the wall from scratches, dents, and other damage caused by chairs.

iv) Apply Wall Guards

Wall guards are an easy way to protect your walls from scuffs, scratches, and other damage. Wall guards are typically made of rubber or plastic and can be applied to door frames, baseboards as BBA-4SS Aluminum Baseboard, and other areas of your home that are susceptible to damage.

v) Protect Walls When Moving

When moving furniture or other large items, it's essential not to damage your walls. To do this, place a piece of plywood or cardboard between the item and the wall. It will create a barrier that will help prevent scratches, dents, and other types of damage.


There are many different ways to protect your home, but one of the best ways is by protecting your walls and doors. By taking some simple precautions, you can help keep your home looking its best for years. Protek Systems, Inc. manufactures and provides various wall and door protection systems for commercial and industrial applications. Contact us today for more information.