Protect Walls with Patterned Stainless Steel Crash Rail

29th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

When you install stainless steel wall protection to your building it's also a good idea to look into patterned stainless steel crash rails. A durable and attractive design of patterned stainless steel crash rails provides added resistance and durability to prevent impact and abrasion. These wall guards are commonly used in restrooms, kitchens, and other wet environments. They can also be used in high-traffic areas to protect against impact. Protek Systems offers a variety of standard and custom sizes and profiles to fit your building needs.

Stainless Steel Crash Rails by Protek Systems

1. CRSP-4SS Series Crash Rails

The CRSP-4SS series crash rails are made of patterned stainless steel and are designed to protect walls from being hit by moving equipment and pedestrian traffic. This type of rail adds visual appeal and is ideal for protecting against abrasion. Its flat face profile and continuous wood retainer allow it to fasten to the wall. Each crash rail segment has its end plates secured to the continuous retainer. These are supplied in standard lengths, which means that no previous field measurements are required. The stainless steel construction of the crash rails makes them ideal for various projects. There are ten different patterns of stainless steel, and you can choose from these to meet your specific requirements.

The features of the CRSP-4SS crash rail include: 

  • Manufactured from type 304 #4 satin finish patterned stainless steel

  • Standard and custom profiles available

  • Other stainless steel grades and finishes available

  • Other continuous retainer options available

2. CRSP-200 Series Crash Rail

The second patterned stainless steel crash rail we offer at Protek Systems is the CRSP-200 series crash rail. The CRSP-200 series crash rails are made of patterned stainless steel and are designed to protect walls from the impact of moving equipment and pedestrian traffic. This type of steel adds visual appeal and helps prevent abrasion. The curved V-shaped profile of the crash rails can be concealed with mounting brackets. The endpoints of the crash rail segments are secured with end plates that are attached to the mounting brackets. These crash rails are available in standard lengths and can be cut to fit in the field without any prior measurement. You can also customize the design of these crash rails by contacting Protek Systems.


Having the right protection for your building can seem complex. If you have any questions about what type of protection you need or what is best for your building, our team at Protek Systems is here to help. To go along with your stainless steel wall coverings it’s recommended to add crash rails to further increase your protection. Our patterned stainless steel crash rails will not only provide the extra protection your building needs but will also match perfectly with your new wall coverings. Call us today to learn more about getting set up with patterned stainless steel crash rails today.