Hygienic Wall Protection: Why Is It Important

3rd Jul, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

It's important to take necessary measures to prevent the spread of diseases. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, temporary hygienic walls were becoming more popular due to their versatile design and ability to disinfect and clean. They can also be installed in various configurations and are eco-friendly.

Why Install Hygienic Wall Protection

  • With the need to prevent the spread of disease, temporary walls have emerged as a vital tool in the fight against the pandemic. As a medical device, hygienic wall protection can be used in most sanitary environments. These systems can be utilized in various environments, such as schools, nursing homes, and public spaces. They can be used as standalone shields or as part of larger containment structures.
  • The pandemic has highlighted the need for collaboration and continuous efforts to keep the fight against the disease going. Temporary walls and hygienic wall protection has become effective tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They can be used to create a barrier that will help minimize the risk of people coming into contact with one another. To ensure that the installation is carried out correctly, we rely on our team of experts.
  • The protection of lives is very important to the operations and growth of businesses. Having the proper equipment and procedures in place can help keep the environment clean and prevent the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria. Having a clean and healthy working environment can also help minimize the risk of employees getting sick.
  • Hygienic wall protection like WPAM-12 Antimicrobial Wall Covering and BCRAM-4SS Antimicrobial Crash Rail can also help keep the environment clean and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. It can also help keep the people in your company healthy. The cost-effective nature of a hygienic wall protection system can also help businesses save money on their interior projects. It can be installed across the wall, which means that they can still maintain a longer lifespan. The advantages of a hygienic wall protection system are its ability to keep the environment clean and free of harmful bacteria. Unlike traditional walls, this type of wall does not have holes or places where harmful organisms can hide.


A hygienic wall can be used in various areas, such as commercial kitchens and laboratories. It can also be utilized in medical and veterinary settings. In order to maintain a healthy environment, proper hygiene should be considered in every business. At Protek Systems Inc. we can help with your hygienic needs. We offer top notch hygienic wall protection for many different industries and businesses. Contact us today to learn more about how our systems are helping businesses stay safe by staying clean.