Hospital Wall Coverings: WPAM-12 Antimicrobial Wall Covering by Protek

20th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

When it comes to maintaining a hygienic environment, the right protection for your walls is essential. The WPAM-12 antimicrobial wall covering system is designed to provide superior protection against harmful microbes in high-risk areas such as hospitals, laboratories, and kitchens. If you’re looking to protect your hospital walls, a wall-covering system can help. Our team at Protek Systems will help you find the best hygienic protection for your building.

WPAM-12 Antimicrobial Wall Covering

  1. The WPAM-12 system features a powder coat finish that effectively kills microbes on contact, ensuring that your walls remain clean and sterile. The panels, edge trim, and corners are all designed to work together to form a complete wall-covering solution.
  2. The panels are available in standard sizes, but can also be cut to fit your specific needs. If you have any special requirements, our team at Protek Systems can help you create a customized solution.
  3. Some of the features of the WPAM-12 wall covering system include a .063-inch aluminum construction with an antimicrobial powder coat finish, wainscot or full height installation options, 1/2-inch offset overlapping seams, and a wide range of RAL colors.
  4. The system can also be installed with adhesive or mechanical fasteners, and pre-drilled holes are available. To complement the WPAM-12 walls covering, we also recommend using antimicrobial crash rails.
  5. These crash rails are made from aluminum and feature a powder coat finish that effectively kills microbes. They can be used in a variety of interior designs and can be customized to match your wall covering.

Another great addition to your wall covering system is antimicrobial corner guards. These corner guards are made from aluminum and feature a powder coat finish that prevents the growth of harmful microbes. They can be used in a variety of colors to match your interior design, and a variety of standard options are available.


Antimicrobial wall coverings are extremely important for hospitals. At Protek Systems, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and sterile environment in hospitals and other high-risk facilities. That's why we offer a wide range of wall covering systems, crash rails, and corner guards that not only look great but also help keep your walls clean and safe. Contact us today to learn more about our options and how we can help you protect your walls.