Features of WPAM-12 Antimicrobial Wall Covering

30th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

It is very important that businesses take the necessary steps to protect their employees and customers from harmful bacteria and viruses. Having the proper equipment in place can help prevent the spread of these harmful organisms. It can also help minimize the chances of employees getting sick. At Protek Systems we have a variety of options when it comes to wall coverings, one being the WPAM-12 antimicrobial wall covering. This wall covering is popular because it not only helps protect the walls but also keeps them clean and safe for your employees and customers. 

Hygienic Wall Covering

  • A hygienic wall covering can help maintain a clean and healthy environment. It can additionally help keep the people in the company and the environment healthy. The cost-effective design of a wall protection system can additionally help businesses save on their interior projects. Having this type of wall can additionally help them maintain a longer lifespan.
  • A hygienic wall covering is also beneficial for the environment since it can keep bacteria and viruses out of the area and prevent them from hiding in various places. Unlike traditional walls, a hygienic wall doesn't have holes or places where these harmful organisms can hide. 
  • A hygienic wall covering can be used in different areas, such as laboratories and commercial kitchens. Having proper hygiene is very important for businesses to maintain a healthy and clean environment. Protek Systems Inc. can help you with your wall protection needs. We offer a wide range of products and services that can help keep your establishments clean and safe.
  • The patented and antimicrobial wall covering system known as the WPAM-12 features a powder coat finish that prevents harmful microbes from growing and spreading. It is ideal for various hygienic environments, such as hospitals, laboratories, and food processing facilities. The panels, edge trim, and corners of the system are all equipped with antimicrobial coating.

The antimicrobial base options of the WPAM-12 walls covering system are also available. These panels are made to fit in the field and are not required to be measured. See our standard options or inquire about other customized options.

The Standard Options and Features

  • Manufactured from .063-inch aluminum with an antimicrobial powder coat finish

  • Wainscot or full-height installation

  • 1/2-inch offset overlapping seams

  • Inside corners, outside corners, and edge trim available for a complete installation

  • Installed with adhesive or mechanical fasteners, pre-drilled holes are available

  • A full range of RAL colors is available


If you’re considering a new wall protection system please reach out to our team at Protek Systems, Inc. We have an experienced team who can help you understand what the best wall protection would be for your business. Our WPAM-12 wall-covering system is a very popular choice for many reasons. Learn more by giving our team a call today and getting a quote for your new wall protection system.