Features of Decorative Wall Coverings by Protek Systems

27th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

The decorative wall coverings made by Protek Systems are made from various wood grains and colors, and they can be used in various rooms. They can also be used in areas such as lobbies and conference rooms. Some of the materials used include aluminum, stainless steel, and colored steel. If you're a business owner who is constantly looking for ways to improve the appearance of your space, then the decorative wall coverings that Protek Systems offers could be just what you need. Our team of experts can help you choose the ideal material and design for your business.

Decorative Wall Coverings - Features

1. WPDA-60 Decorative Aluminum Wall Covering

Protek's wood grain wall covering system, known as the WPDA-60, is made of aluminum and has a powder coat finish that's ideal for protecting walls from damage and light. It can also add visual appeal to a room by protecting them from dirt and light. The panels are included in various parts of the system, such as the corners, chair rail, and joints. Unlike other wall covering systems, which require the panels to be measured beforehand, the panels of the Protek Systems' product are not required to be measured. They can be cut to size and can be installed without any modification. You can also create a customized wall covering by choosing from ten different wood grain options.

2. WPSC-12 Colored Stainless Steel Wall Covering

One of Protek's other products is the WPSC-12 Colored Stainless Steel Wall Covering system, which is made of stainless steel and is ideal for various interior applications. Its non-corrosive properties make it an ideal choice for areas where there is a need for protection. The panels can be installed on both the outside and inside corners. The WPSC-12 wall panels come in standard sizes and are available in various colors and base options. They can be cut to fit any project without any additional measurement. If you have a specific design or project that you want to discuss with Protek Systems, our team members can help you.


A decorative wall covering is a great choice if you're looking for something that can protect and look good at the same time. Contact our team to know more about Protek Systems' variety of options that can be used to create the perfect fit for your building. These can be made in various colors and designs, and they can be used in different rooms.