Everything About SD-50 Super Duty Wall Covering

30th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

One of the most important things that you should consider when it comes to protecting your business is having the proper protection. That's why Protek Systems can provide you with the necessary equipment and services to protect your business. Protek System’s super-duty wall coverings are designed to protect against the traffic and pedestrian traffic that can occur in your facility. 

Super-Duty Wall Coverings

Super-duty wall coverings are designed to protect walls from abuse and heavy impact caused by pedestrian traffic, moving equipment, and other equipment. These wall coverings are made of aluminum and have a polyurea coating that provides long-lasting protection against various types of chemicals and abrasion. The SD-50 system consists of wall panels, chair rails, and outside corners. This super-duty wall covering protects from the heaviest impact and abuse and is great for those high-traffic areas of your business.

The SD-50 Super Duty Wall Covering are made of standard sizes and can be cut to fit in the field without any prior measurement. They are also available in a wide range of colors.

Features of the SD-50 super-duty wall covering 

  • Manufactured from .050-inch aluminum with a super duty polyurea coating

  • Wainscot or full height installation

  • Outside corners, baseboard, and chair rail available for a complete installation

  • Installed with adhesive or mechanical fasteners, pre-drilled holes available

  • Other thicknesses and finishes available


SD-50 Super Duty Wall Covering is a type of polyurea coating that provides superior abrasion and impact resistance. It can be used in various areas such as storage rooms, shipping facilities, and high-traffic corridors. This material can be sprayed in any color and is ideal for use in areas where heavy traffic and abuse are expected. Other products that can be used with this type of protection include wall covering, crash rails, and door and frame products. If your business is looking for top-of-the-line wall coverings we invite you to contact our team at Protek Systems. Our team can help you understand which type of wall covering will be best for the area of intended use, and how the SD-50 wall covering can provide superior protection against even the harshest abuse.