Colored Stainless Steel Corner Guard: A Combo of Protection and Aesthetics

22nd Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

Colored corner guards and wall guards complement new wall covering systems. At Protek Systems, our team can help you select the color that complements your plan for the building. Unlike stainless steel, which can endure harsh chemicals and perform well in wet environments, colored stainless steel can be cleaned and maintained easily.

Benefits of Colored Stainless Steel Corner Guard

  1. There are several standard colors that complement any interior design. Colored stainless steel corner guards are available for use in protecting against the impact of moving equipment and pedestrian traffic.
  2. They add visual appeal and can be used for various design options. These guards are installed directly over drywall or other types of wood.
  3. Corner guards are products designed to protect against the impact of moving equipment and pedestrian traffic.
  4. They feature a flush-mounted design, which allows them to be installed directly to the studs. With their vibrant colors, these products add visual appeal and can be used for various designs.

Maine Types of Corner Guards

1. Surface-Mount Wall Guards

These are manufactured from colored stainless steel and are surface-mounted to protect end walls from being hit by moving equipment and pedestrian traffic. These end wall guards add visual appeal and can be utilized for various design purposes. Each stainless steel wall guard has been custom-fabricated to ensure that it is tightly capped. For example CGC-50 Surface-Mount Colored SS Corner Guards

2. Flush-Mounted Corner Guards

This type of wall and corner guard is made of colored stainless steel. These are designed to protect the walls from impact caused by moving equipment and pedestrian traffic as well as adding visual appeal to your building. The end wall guards are installed directly to the studs, creating a flush finish on the wall. Each end wall guard is made to measure and field-fabricated for a consistent appearance. For example CGC-50 Flush-Mount Colored SS Corner Guards

It is important to ensure that your building's wall-covering system matches up with the rest of the property's design. With Protek Systems' many color options, you can achieve the look you want while giving your building maximum protection. Contact our team today to get started on your next project.