BCRAM-4SS Antimicrobial Crash Rail: Features and Benefits

30th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

Aside from being able to maintain a clean and safe environment, businesses also consider the hygiene of their products when it comes to operating. This is why many establishments use wall systems and crash rails that are designed to help prevent harmful microbes from growing. These systems can be utilized in various applications such as laboratories and hospitals.

At Protek Systems Inc. we offer a wide variety of wall systems that are ideal for offices and businesses that need to maintain a clean and safe environment. We can help you install these systems in various areas such as hospitals and laboratories.

BCRAM-4SS Crash Rails

The BCRAM-4SS crash rails are made of aluminum and are antimicrobial, which prevents the spread of harmful microbes and prevents walls from getting damaged. They can also be installed directly on the wall using the powder coat finish. The rails are additionally equipped with 45-degree returns, which help prevent dirt and germs from collecting in the seams.

Products such as crash rails and corner guards can also be obtained in hygienic finishes. Having a clean and safe environment can be achieved through the use of various products.

The BCRAM-4SS crash rails are pre-formed and pre-drilled to the factory's verified dimensions, which eliminates the need for any field modification prior to installation. If you have specific requirements, contact us for more information.

Features of BCRAM-4SS Crash Rail

  • Manufactured from .063-inch aluminum with an antimicrobial powder coat finish

  • Standard and custom profiles are available

  • Full range of RAL colors is available

  • Other thicknesses available

One of the most important factors that you can consider when it comes to maintaining a well-run and clean facility is having the proper wall protection. At Protek Systems we can help you get the best possible wall protection for your facility. We offer various types of wall protection that can help keep your facility looking its best. If you would like more information about our products or how they can help keep your facility clean, contact our team today.