BCR-4SS Stainless Steel Crash Rail - Features

30th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

The BCR-4SS stainless steel crash rails are designed to protect walls from being hit by moving equipment and pedestrian traffic. These rails are made from 16ga stainless steel, and they fasten directly to the wall through the bottom and top flanges. They also have 45-degree returns, which help prevent dirt and germs from collecting in the seams.

Features of BCR-4SS Stainless Steel Crash Rail 

  • Manufactured from 16ga type 304 #4 satin finish stainless steel

  • Standard and custom profiles available

  • Other stainless steel grades and finishes available

The BCR-4SS crash rails are pre-formed, pre-cut, and pre-drilled at the factory, which eliminates the need for field modification prior to installation. 

Protek Systems offers many different crash rails that are made from a durable and attractive stainless steel material, which can give your store a modern look. They can also help keep your inventory secure. Besides being able to protect your store from getting damaged, they can additionally prevent it from getting damaged in an accident.

When looking into different crash rails for your store or business it also needs to be considered how it will protect your facility and guests from getting hurt or damaged due to the passage that they use. This component is designed to provide protection against injuries and damage, and it can be made out of various materials. If the corridor is used for moving heavy loads, then steel crash rails are the better choice. High-level protection is often required in certain applications, such as medical facilities and laboratories. When using stainless steel crash rails, they can be utilized in clean environments.


Protek Systems has a wide range of crash rails and wall protection solutions that are designed to meet the varying needs of different applications. Whether you need something that will protect a high-traffic area or something that will protect a less trafficked corridor, the team at Protek Systems is able to help you find the ideal product for your needs. If you need more details about the BCR-4SS crash rail or its options, contact us today.