Antimicrobial Crash Rail Wall Protection

8th Aug, 2023 by PROTEK

CRAM-200 Antimicrobial Crash Rail















Antimicrobial Crash Rail: A Game Changer for Sterile Environments

In today's fast-paced world, maintaining cleanliness and sterility is of the utmost importance, especially in spaces like clean rooms, food processing plants, health care critical areas, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical plants, and even cloud storage facilities. One company leading the charge in ensuring these environments remain pristine is Protek Systems Inc.

About Protek Systems Inc.

Located at 1250 Wallace Drive, Delray Beach, Florida 3344, Protek Systems Inc. is at the forefront of producing industry-leading antimicrobial solutions. With a commitment to quality and innovation, they are well-regarded in the industry for their advanced solutions to protect walls and equipment from damage while maintaining a hygienic environment.

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Spotlight: Antimicrobial Crash Rail

Protek Systems Inc.’s antimicrobial crash rails, specifically the CRAM-200, CRAM-4SS, and BCRAM-4SS profiles, are engineered to combat microbes and bacteria, ensuring a germ-free environment. These rails are essential for areas with heavy foot traffic, where the walls are prone to getting bumped or scraped. Their design not only protects the walls but also the people in the facility, ensuring that harmful microbes don’t find a place to thrive.

Welded and Bull Ends: For those seeking enhanced robustness and durability, the crash rails are available in specific variations with welded and bull ends, such as the CRAM-200W, CRAM-200W, and CRAM-4SS. These provide added protection against potential impacts, ensuring longer-lasting wall integrity.

Integration with Wall Coverings: One of the key features of these crash rails is their compatibility with the antimicrobial wall covering WPAM-12. When combined, these products offer a double barrier of protection against both physical damages and microbial threats.

Custom Fabrication: Recognizing that every facility has its unique needs, Protek Systems offers custom fabrication. This ensures that regardless of the specific requirements of your environment, you can have crash rails tailored to fit seamlessly and function optimally.

Applications Across Industries

  1. Clean Rooms: In areas where even a speck of dust can compromise processes, the antimicrobial crash rail protects walls from damages and prevents microbial growth, thus ensuring a sterile environment.

  2. Food Processing Plants & Commercial Kitchens: Food safety is paramount. The crash rails ensure that walls remain uncontaminated, supporting a germ-free environment conducive for food preparation and processing.

  3. Health Care Critical Spaces: In spaces like operation theaters and ICUs where patient health can be compromised by microbes, these crash rails act as a safeguard against potential contamination.

  4. Pharmaceutical Plants: Ensuring that drugs and medicines are produced in a sterile environment is critical. The crash rails provide an added layer of protection in this regard.

  5. Cloud Storage Facilities: While not immediately apparent, even these high-tech environments require cleanliness to ensure equipment functions optimally. The crash rails provide physical and microbial protection in such spaces.


Antimicrobial crash rails, as produced by Protek Systems Inc., offer a comprehensive solution to maintaining sterility and preventing wall damages in high-risk environments. Their commitment to quality, coupled with the capability for custom fabrication, ensures that businesses across various sectors can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. When the stakes are high, trust in solutions that have a proven track record. Trust in Protek Systems Inc.