Antimicrobial Crash Rail: Benefits and Options

29th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

Aside from being able to keep their environment clean and safe, businesses also take into account the hygiene of their products. This is very important for many businesses, especially ones such as laboratories and hospitals. This is why some establishments use crash rails and wall systems that are designed to prevent harmful organisms from growing.

Antimicrobial Crash Rail

Protek Systems offers a wide range of wall systems that are designed to help keep the environment clean and safe for both commercial and industrial establishments. We can assist you in installing these systems in various areas, such as laboratories and hospitals. Wall coverings that are made of different materials and colors can help keep the area clean and sterile. Other products such as corner guards and crash rails can also be utilized to maintain a safe and clean environment. These materials not only provide superior protection and a clean environment, but many of our products require little maintenance, allowing you to buy these systems knowing that your facility will be clean and sterile. 

BCRAM-4SS Aluminum Crash Rails

  • The BCRAM-4SS aluminum crash rails are one of our more popular systems and are made of durable and antimicrobial materials that can prevent harmful microbes from growing.
  • They can also be installed on the wall using the powder coating process. These rails additionally have 45-degree returns, which help remove dirt and germs from the seams.
  • Unlike other crash rails, the BCRAM-4SS is pre-formed and drilled to the exact dimensions of the factory, which eliminates the need for modifications prior to installation. This product also features various additional features. If you have any additional requirements, please contact us.

Where Can You Install Antimicrobial Crash Rails

A durable and resilient way to protect walls from impact is by using a combination of seamless and antimicrobial crash rails. These crash rails are ideal for various hygienic applications, such as clean rooms. Their seamless ends keep dirt and harmful microbes at bay, while their powder coat finish prevents them from growing.


Having the proper wall protection is a must when it comes to maintaining a clean and well-run facility. At Protek Systems we offer a wide range of wall coverings that can help keep your facility's interior looking its best. If you are interested in learning more about our products and how they can help keep the environment clean, please contact our team today.