All About WPSP-12 Pattern Stainless Steel Wall Covering

30th Jun, 2023 by Dennis Chalas

Wall coverings made of stainless steel are durable and can withstand various types of weather and corrosion. They are commonly used in restrooms, commercial kitchens, and other wet environments. These materials can also be utilized in high-traffic areas to prevent abrasion and impact. 

WPSP-12 Wall Coverings

The versatile and effective features of the WPSP-12 wall coverings can be utilized in almost any commercial building. These are designed to provide a variety of functions, such as protection from moving equipment and pedestrian traffic. The attractive and durable design of the wall coverings, which features a patterned finish, can enhance the visual appeal of the building. The various features of the system, such as the inside corners, edge trim, and outer corners, are also designed to provide a complete solution. Unlike other wall covering products, the panels of the WPSP-12 are not required to be measured in order to fit in the field.

We offer a wide variety of patterns and standard options for wall coverings. You can also inquire about our custom options that are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Features of our WPSP-12 Patterned Stainless Steel Wall Covering

  • Manufactured from type 304 #4 satin finish patterned stainless steel

  • Wainscot or full-height installation

  • 1/2-inch offset overlapping seams

  • Inside corners, outside corners, and edge trim available for a complete installation

  • Installed with adhesive or mechanical fasteners, pre-drilled holes are available

  • Other stainless steel grades and finishes available

Stainless steel wall coverings are commonly used to protect various types of furniture and other materials from getting damaged or blown away by the effects of multiple factors, such as pedestrians and bags. These panels are also commonly used in hallways and other areas designed to withstand impact.

If you don’t have the proper wall protection, it can get damaged due to the foot traffic that you have on your walls. At Protek Systems Inc. we can help you choose the right type of protection for your walls, and we’re proud to offer stainless steel wall protection. Give our team of experts a call today to learn more about our different options.