7th Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mat

January 6th, 2014

With a complete line of beauty shop floor mats, the AFM-1/2″ Anti-Fatigue Mat reduces leg pain, allowing the operator to stand all day. The AFM-1/2″ Anti-Fatigue Mat is excellent for use near beauty and barber chairs. The AFM-1/2″ allows operators to avoid the common problems that come with having to stand all day while working, such as sore feet, aching backs, and circulatory problems. Anti-fatigue mats create a comfortable working surface, which eliminates the deterrent to good performance on the job. The AFM-1/2″ comes in a variety of shapes, which include rectangular, circular, and cut outs. Whatever, your need is the AFM-1/2″ Anti-Fatigue Mat is the reliable choice to get you through any work day. For custom sizes and rolls please call 1-800-598-2153.

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